Meet Larry

It is time for the Republican Party to rebuild the faith of Connecticut residents. We cannot reap the benefits of discourse and negotiation afforded by our two-party system, while promoting the false and misleading narrative that the Presidential election was stolen. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Margaret Chase Smith, leaders whose strength in ideas, compassion, and inclusion, have tragically been forgotten and neglected by too many of our party leaders and elected officials.

My campaign supports a break from the dishonest narrative and divisive vitriol that led to the January 6th attacks on the US Capital. Sound proposals, honest rhetoric, and respectful arguments are needed to counter the lack of trust that is damaging to our government and overshadows efforts to lower unemployment and grow wages.

Connecticut’s prosperity is vulnerable to the effects of high debt, ineffective tax policies, and a lack of employment.  While the Democratic Party has had almost complete control of the state’s policies and influence over the past 12 years, Connecticut has measured near the bottom in statistical rankings of debt, taxation, and unemployment. With the recent passing of the Covid-19 Relief Bill rescue plan in Washington poised to add 1.9 trillion dollars of debt, the impending federal tax increases will cripple our already burdened state. We cannot continue to muddle along; we must make bold changes that allow for future prosperity.

I have been a physician at Hartford Hospital since 1990 as an OB/GYN. While the segue from medicine into politics doesn’t seem obvious at first, my interaction with almost 100 patients per week has opened my eyes and ears to people of many different and diverse backgrounds.

It has been over a decade since Connecticut elected a Republican to Congress, and over 30 years since one was elected to the US Senate. This is a sign that Republicans need to do a better job of listening to the needs of Connecticut residents. Empathy and humility, as well as trustworthiness and a vision for the future, are necessities for any elected official in Connecticut. Healthcare discrepancy, education failure, stagnant incomes, and poverty in our large cities cannot change without getting Connecticut’s finances in order. Our record of high taxes and high debt is a sign we are spending too much. 

My wife and I have lived in the Hartford area for more than 50 years. We are parents of three children and since 1990, I have been a physician at Hartford Hospital.  I’m a moderate Republican who believes we all benefit from a strong economy and promotion of business development. I believe in common sense solutions and that our two political parties need to change to make our government work effectively.