Larry’s Priorities

Committed to Connecticut

My wife and I have lived in the Hartford area for more than 50 years. We are parents of three children and I have been a physician at Hartford Hospital since 1990.  I’m a moderate Republican who believes we all benefit from a strong economy and promotion of business development. I believe in common sense solutions and that our two political parties need to change to make our government work effectively.


A strong economy helps families support themselves, grows our tax base and allows us to do more in addressing our other critical issues: healthcare, wealth disparity and educational opportunities. Its an exciting time, but a critical time and one in which can bring people together and improve the quality of life for all Americans. There is huge potential in our inner cities to drive economic growth nationally, while increasing wealth and optimism.

Locally, we have seen the effects of Connecticut’s lagging economy as we consistently rank near the bottom in the nation in economic growth, rising taxes and increased debt since 2008. 

We can’t tax our way to solvency when the tax burden on Connecticut residents is already so high; we need to bolster economic growth. Especially when Connecticut sees the least amount of aid from the federal government. 

The federal government continues to spend at an alarming rate. It seems Washington believes we can spend and borrow without any concern about raising our nations debt. 

Connecticut must do better, and when I’m elected to Congress I will fight for the economy we deserve. 


Healthcare will be a top priority when I’m elected to Congress. Although I disagree the United States should have a single payer system, I do feel everyone needs affordable healthcare. 

There are many in our state that lack access to or trust in our healthcare system and are left with lower life expectancies and higher mortality outcomes according to disease data. Many middle class families that are stressed by high costs of insurance or high deductibles that lead to financial hardship if they need treatments or evaluations in the emergency room. 

We can create primary care models that give access and enable trust while cost effectively helping patients navigate the health system.

Both parties can come together to control drug costs despite what you hear on the nightly news. Our tax dollars need to be used for scientific break throughs to develop new innovative treatments for those who need it most. Right now, our seniors and people with pre-existing conditions end up paying more in prescription drugs than in any other countries. We must change this and make prescription drugs more affordable. 

As your Congressman, I’ll be a true advocate for healthcare for the residents of Connecticut’s First Congressional district. 



As a thirty plus year physician and a Connecticut taxpayer, I believe in two things when it comes to educating our children: early education is critical and you get what you pay for. 

I have delivered thousands of children and when I am elected to serve you in Congress, our tax dollars will be used to support a competitive and fully functioning education for each and every child. I believe in a Connecticut that puts our kids as priority number one. We need preschool, affordable daycare, summer camps, and summer school accessible to every child and every working parent. We need programs that ensure our children succeed. 

Connecticut’s schools do a lot of things right, but we can do better. We need to focus on what’s working in education and fix what’s broken which does not require us to spend more and more money. We can’t look at the school calendar as if we live in an agricultural society, many kids need year round learning and productive summer schools. This includes improving reading, writing, math, and life skills.

Foreign Policy

I believe in a strong military and a focused approach of building a coalition of countries to counter adversaries. The world has always been complex and always will be, but there is strength in numbers and a collective goal. 

Currently we face a rising adversarial superpower in China that eyes nondemocratic expansion as they have done in Hong Kong and look towards Taiwan. Similarly our strength will be a strong deterrent to Russia, Iran and North Korea. We need to engage with our friends and help vulnerable countries that might be influenced by offers of long term financial agreements with China. Decades of partisan bickering and a polarized political arena has not only worsened our role on the world stage, but the hope our model of democracy has instilled around the globe. We must do better.

Though not regularly reported on, there is a crisis at our border with Mexico. President Biden has no plan and there has been no action. I believe in empathy but I do not believe in open borders.