Letter: Endorsement for Larry Lazor for Congress

Dear Editor:

I would like to submit my endorsement for Larry Lazor for Congress. I have been a patient of Larry’s for over twenty years – he delivered my first of three children – and I have always admired his ability to ask poignant questions and to actively listen. When I learned he was running for office, I was intrigued as to why he would want to take on such a daunting challenge when he could easily be content with his thriving practice.

In reading through his site Meet Larry – (lazorforcongress.com), I was immediately relieved to learn that Larry shared discontent at the current state of the GOP. As he stated, “My campaign supports a break from the dishonest narrative and divisive vitriol that led to the January 6th attacks on the US Capital.” I am a moderate independent that skews a bit more Republican, however what happened on that day and the response from the GOP shook me to the core.

I love democracy and have always admired the founders checks and balances to keep us safe from spiraling too quickly in one direction or vulnerable to power-hungry individuals. As a mother, I am most scared for the recent extremism on both sides – Democrat and Republican and the toll it could take on our children. I want a return to civility, productive difference and meaningful progress and I believe that Larry has the fortitude to right the ship. Additionally, a priority for him is reinvigorating business in our state. Our family has said goodbye to close friends moving to North Carolina and Pennsylvania – their employers no longer able to be competitive in Connecticut.

I have a deep love for the beauty, peace and culture of our magnificent state. The time has come to see it restored with new energy for the future. A strong, business-minded, independent thinker like Larry Lazor is exactly what we need today.

Sincerely Yours,

Jen Shiman