Larry Lazor Position on Israel

A strong US-Israel relationship promotes America’s interests, Connecticut’s interests, and prospects for peace and prosperity in the region. For generations, supporting Israel has been one of the few issues that both sides of the aisle have agreed on. As your congressman, I will do my part to make sure it stays that way.

American support for Israel is a smart investment. Having a stable, trusted, democratic ally in one of the most unpredictable and strategically important regions of the world is priceless. Also invaluable is the progress that comes from our technological cooperation, from lifesaving defense systems like Iron Dome to medical technolog   ies developed in Israel that I use to care for my patients. What we can put a number on is the $226 million dollars worth of goods our state exported to Israel in 2019, making Israel Connecticut’s 17th largest trading partner,  ahead of Italy, India, Switzerland, and Australia. Finally, a strong Israel is the surest path to peace in the Middle East. It’s Israel’s success and security (and American help) that has allowed it to negotiate peace deals with Egypt, Jordan, and more recently Bahrain and the U.A.E.

In office, I will support common sense policies that strengthen our relationship with one of our most dependable allies. Like us, and the rest of our allies, Israel is not perfect. But there as everywhere, strong democratic institutions, checks and balances, and hard work toward peaceful coexistence is the best path forward for everyone. Increasing our economic and technological cooperation, opposing BDS and other unfounded attempts to delegitimize Israel, and supporting direct peace negotiations between Israel and its neighbors isn’t just good for Israel, it’s good for us.