Dr. Larry Lazor Announces Run for Connecticut’s First Congressional District

Dr. Larry Lazor Announces Run for Connecticut’s First Congressional District


West Hartford, CT- Today, Dr. Larry Lazor announced that he will be a Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s First District. Dr. Lazor has been a physician at Hartford Hospital since 1990 as an OB/GYN and resides in West Hartford.

“I’m running for Congress to help fix our broken political system and to build a better future for your family, and the great state of Connecticut. We’re all frustrated with politics in Washington D.C. and today the Republican Party is in a fight for it’s soul. The Republican Party has a history of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith. As the next Congressman for Connecticut’s First Congressional District, I will work each and every day to bring decency and common sense back to Congress.”

“My wife and I have lived in the Hartford area for more than 50 years. We are parents of three children and I have been a physician at Hartford Hospital since 1990.  I’m a moderate Republican who believes we all benefit from a strong economy and promotion of business development. I believe in common sense solutions and that our two political parties need to change to make our government work effectively.”

“It has been over a decade since Connecticut elected a Republican to Congress and over 30 years since one was elected to the United States Senate. This is a sign that Republicans need to listen to our voters in Connecticut. Empathy and humility, as well as a trust and a vision for the future are necessities for Republicans to be successful in Connecticut. Our campaign supports a break from the dishonest narrative and divisive vitriol that led to the January 6th attacks on the United States Capitol building. Sound proposals, honest rhetoric and respectful arguments are needed to counter the lack of trust which is damaging to our government and overshadows efforts to lower unemployment and grow wages. We need a true leader to represent Connecticut’s First District and I will be that as your Congressman.”

Announcement Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=papZNEpHJm4

To learn more about Larry and his priorities, please visit www.lazorforcongress.com.


Press Contact:

John Kleinhans