Dr. Larry Lazor running for Connecticut's First Congressional District


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Dr. Larry Lazor

Physician. Dad. Husband. 

I’m running for Congress to help fix our broken political system and to build a better future for your family, and the great state of Connecticut. We’re all frustrated with politics in Washington D.C. and today the Republican Party is in a fight for it’s soul. The Republican Party has a history of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith. As the next Congressman for Connecticut’s First Congressional District, I will work each and everyday to bring decency and common sense back to Congress.

Larry's Priorities


Foreign Policy

Health Care

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Republican Dr. Larry Lazor, candidate for the 1st Congressional District joined Hartford business leaders on Wednesday, September 21st at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the destructive economic policies of the Biden administration.

Dr. Lazor and local business owners addressed the crippling costs of higher inflation, federal spending, regulations and new taxes on the ability of small businesses to survive in the capital city.

The event was held at the Morneault Stackpole Moore Tyron clothing store on 242 Trumbull Street.

Participants: Dr. Larry Lazor, Republican candidate for 1st Congressional District, Jody Morneault, co-owner, Morneault, Stackpole, Moore Tryon; Stanley Nowak, Mo’s Midtown; Fitzgerald Lester, It’s A Gee Thang Barber.